Star Crowned Lycinan Superhero



Flash has a wonderful temperament. He is active outside, yet a great house dog. He gets along well with other dogs. He spends a lot of time playing with the younger dogs at my house.

Flash ALWAYS has something in his mouth- usually one of my shoes. He is quite vocal, usually while holding something. He is smart, learns quickly and wants to please. I have found a firm hand works best with him as he has his own opinions about how things should be done. ;-) I just love a smart dog with attitude! I'm working in obedience with him and hope to get his CDX this yr. He is getting close to being ready for CDX. He is quite vermin oriented and I think he'd love doing Barn Hunts. I would like to check that out. He is always in our barn looking for groundhogs and when I take him to water, he spends a lot of time looking on the banks for critters. He loves to retrieve. He likes birds. Flash is a HUGE people dog. He will do anything to get in someone's lap and be petted. He has an air about him - "Look at me, I'm so cool!" - I'm sure that has helped him in the ring.

Flash is a smaller dog. He is between 22 and 22 ¼ inches. He weighs about 72 lbs. He has very good substance for his size. He seems to be producing a range of sizes in his offspring.

Flash is a very smooth mover and has excellent foot timing. He has an exceedingly good head, with dark eyes, dark pigment and average to smaller ear size, correctly set on his head. He has complete dentition which is correctly aligned. His tail is about ½ inch too long. Flash has a good topline . His legs are straight when viewed from front and rear and he moves true coming and going. He is completely balanced in his front and rear angles. He is moderately angled. He free baits very well, and positions himself better free stacked, than I can do hard stacking him. He generally catches the judges eye and it was rare that he did not get a placement in the classes. Flash has a correct coat which forms a jacket over his body. It is wavy. He has plenty of coat, but it is not long. It is a very easy coat to maintain.

Flash has been shown, owner handled, in a limited number of shows. He won his first points going WD at the supported entry show the morning of Hudson Valley GRC Specialty, Sept, 2015, for 5 points under breeder judge Beth Greenfield. In just a few more shows he picked up a single and another major. Flash also won points under breeder judges Ellen Harden and Michael Faulkner and judges, Jerry Weiss, Bonnie Threlfall and Linda Vaughn.

Flash is OFA Fair (the 3 OFA opinions were: Fair, Fair, Good). He has 3 OFA Excellent siblings and his mother is also OFA Excellent. He is OFA elbows normal, Eyes normal as of Jan, 2016, and Heart normal (No murmur - both with auscultation and Echocardiogram). Flash is genetically normal for Prcd-PRA, PRA1 & 2 and Ichthyosis.

I purchased Flash to get an outcrossed male at my kennel, who had some European lines behind him. I also love working dogs, so when I saw this litter sired by CH Beau Geste Being Ramiroz MH UD WCX ** DDHF VCX bred to one of Karen Webb's lovely girls, I could not resist. I picked from numerous videos – the boy who was always talking at the video taker with something in his mouth. He was quite endearing from the start and had a super little body and movement. He has remained a vocal boy with a cobby body and great movement. His father's lines go back to some classic, old New England lines that are not very common and some European lines. His mother also has European lines and American lines that are not common. He will provide a nice option for outcrosses.

As far as breeding, Flash has the highest libido of any stud dog I've ever had. I have to watch him like a hawk to prevent unwanted breedings. He is FAST

Natural breedings are preferred here, but I have done quite a lot of very successful AIs over the years. I have a local vet, only 4 miles away, who will draw blood for progesterone and brucellosis tests, if needed.