Saying Our Last Goodbyes 

“Rev. Mary – Thank you so much for your service and comforting council before and during our mother’s memorial. You truly have a gift for listening and pulling together thoughts and memoires resulting in a memorable tribute.  You have helped us through a very difficult season and it will be forever remembered.  ~ Sincere thanks, Cindy and Family


The Intentions of the Day…

We gather to allow family, friends and colleagues to share their love and grief.  We attempt to honor the wishes of the deceased and respect the preferences of the surviving mourners as well.  We tell stories.  We laugh and cry.  We highlight the positives.  Sometimes we acknowledge the not-so-positives.  We communicate our appreciation for our lost loved one.  We console our guests.  We showcase what we have learned from this person – the footprint that was left behind, as this will become their legacy.  We may dress in their favorite color, eat their favorite foods and play their favorite music.  We speak words that honor our loved one when we tell their story, recite beloved verse and share soothing prayers.  Sometimes we collect precious photos and belongings and display them.  Although it is not planned as a reunion, it most often becomes one.  The weight of our grief is lightened through this essential ritual.  We grow closer as a family and a community.  We bring healing and closure.