Spring '06 CH Lycinan's Sweet William CDX, WC, TD, VCXWilliamsonQualifies for VCX!
Spring '06CH Lycinan's Give Me Liberty CDWilliamsonEarns CD in 3 straight shows!
May '06Lycinan's Sonic BoomGepp/WilliamsonEarns first 2 pts at Chesapeake GRC specialty
May '06CH Lycinan's Big Bang CD, JH, WC, VCWilliamsonWins BOB, Gr.4 at Wilmington KC
July '06CH Genesis Wake the DeadBlumbergFinishes CH - Bang's first CH kid
Aug '06Lycinan's Bling Bling WilliamsonBOS puppy in sweeps, PVGRC match
October '06Lycinan Windancer's Lo Lo LolaWilliamsonWB for 3 pt major
October '06

Lycinan PlezBtheOne 4 BeKens CD, TD, WC

McCormick/WilliamsomEarns WC!! Congratualations!
Nov. '06Lycinan's Run Like the WindFix/Fix/WilliamsonEarns TD!! Congratualtions!
Nov. '06Lycinan's Shoot the MoonSchlomanEarns TD!! Congratulations!
Nov. '06Lycinan's Lost in Translation Peszczynski/WilliamsonEarns TD!! Congratulations!
   Above 3 littermates earned TD on same day, at 8 mo old!!
Nov. '06Lycinan PlezBtheOne 4 BeKens CD, TD, WCMcCormack/ Grant/WilliamsonEarns NAJ!! Congratulations!
Nov. '06Lycinan PlezBtheOne 4 BeKens CD, NAJTD, WCMcCormack/ Grant/WilliamsonEarns TDX!!! GO REBA!!