MACH Lycinan's Little Man Tucker XF, CD, RN, owned by Don and Cathy Wittke, earned is MACH on his 6th birthday, Feb 26. Big Congratulations, Tucker and Don!!

NATCH2 Lycinan's Run Like the Wind TDX, AX, AXJ, XF owned by Tom and Sarah Fix earned her NADAC Agility Trial Championship title 2 and AKC AX and XF titles!!! Congratulations, Breeze and Tom!!

OTCH Lycinan's Red Point Harry UDX, OM2, TD, JH, OBHF, CCA, VCX owner by Eva Mazza, was HIT and HC at both the Hampton Roads shows bringing her to 5 HIT and 6 HC! New OM1, OM2, UDX, OBHF and VCX!!!! Harry won 24 OTCH pts to finish her OTCH in Oct at the Simsonville, NC Trial!! Congratulations, Eva and Harry!!

Lycinan's Venturesome Voyager CDX, RN, AX, AXJ, OF, CCA - Jason, owned by Betty and Greg Smith, earned his AX, AXJ and CDX titles this year. He is also has 8 legs towards his MXJ title. Congrats Betty, Greg and Jason!

Congratulations to all the hard working owners!

Please, if you earned a title that is not here, let me know.I try to keep up with the AKC/GRCA titles myself but if you want others listed, please be sure to send them to me. Please send me your wins again if they are not here. Thanks so much!

(Titles in pink are NADAC or other agility titles.)

(Titles in green are NARA hunt titles.)

Name (owner/s) Titles earned in '12!!
NATCH2/Versatility NATCH Lycinan's Run Like The Wind TDX, AX, AXJ, XF(Fix/Fix)   NATCH2, AX, XF
MACH Lycinan's Little Man Tucker XF CD RN (Wittke) MACH
OTCH Lycinan's Red Point Harry UDX, OM2,TD, JH, OBHF, VCX, CCA (Mazza) OTCH, OBHF, OM1, OM2, UDX, VCX
CH Lycinan's Bling Bling CDX JH WC VC (Williamson)


Lycinan's Cutie Pie CD (Williamson)



Lycinan's Tantalize JH WC (Williamson)   WC
Chantelle Lycinan Zokiak's Bay Runner RN CGC (Hughes/Miller)



Lycinan Chantelle Alexi's Firefly BN RE (Iococca) RN, RA, RE, BN

SHR Lycinan PlezBtheOne 4 BeKens CDX, RE, TDX, JH, AXJ, AX, VCD2, WCX, CCA, VCX, CGC (McCormack)

OTCH Lycinans Making the Grade OM2, UDX, NJP OAP RN, CCA, ODHF(Magee) NAP NJP OAP
Lycinan's Venturesome Voyager CDX, RN, AX, AXJ, OF, CCA (Smith/Smith) CDX OA AX AXJ
Lycinan's Morning Jolt CDX NA AXJ WC(Pacenta)   NA AXJ
Lycinan's Brouhaha on The Bay CDX GO RAE GO RAE